Friday, February 4, 2011


So I have been running for four weeks now. I have decided that since I have completed a 5K and stuck with it this long, it would be okay to actually add running to my Facebook profile. The final results for the 5K had my finish at 33:50 minutes at a pace of 10:53 per mile. I placed 545 out of about 800 runners and 30 out of 53 runners in my division. This finished had me faster than everyone over 70 years of age in the race, but still seven minutes slower than my son who had to walk part of it because he had indulged in too many samples before the race. It was a great finish for my first try but I really want to do better. After a lifetime of athletic mediocrity, I may have actually found my sport. Now I just have to keep myself free of injury so I don't have to stop what I started!

Never underestimate the power of a cute outfit. I know it sounds shallow but hear me out. Although I didn't intend to buy any special running outfits, I happened upon a clearance rack with a shirt and shorts in the same colors as my new running shoes. At first I didn't even occur to try on actual running shorts because they didn't have enough thigh-concealing fabric but I was curious to see what they would look like. When I tried them on I was surprised at what I saw in the mirror--it was a runner. I felt special and athletic and totally able to accomplish my goals so naturally I bought the outfit. There's something about running in clothes set apart for that purpose that is different than running in the sweats I throw on to take my kids to school. The same applies to food. If I am going to push my body to perform out of its comfort zone, am I going to fuel it with junk or things that will help it to be stronger and faster. Do I want to waste by progress by downing a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos? I have also opted out of protein shakes and powders after reading their ingredients. Almost everyone contains sucralose as well as a kaleidoscope of other chemical additives. Lately I stick to a banana before the run and some Greek yogurt when I am finished.

I am absolutely giddy that the egg famine at Noll Farm is finally over. After I purchased my second dozen of eggs from the store, all the girls kicked it up a notch and I have had as many as seven eggs in one day. Once the reserves are built up we will be able to start sharing with our friends again. It really doesn't take much to get me egg-cited these days!


  1. You are so funny!!I LOVE your post and I am so happy that you are loving the running thing, most of my friends think I have completly lost my mind that I truly love this sport. As you know I am 5'10 and because of that people assume I am athletic, I am probably the most un-athletic person until I found running! I have found that on normal runs 4-6 miles a banana before is good, but if I go longer than 6 miles I have a banana and 4 shot block cubes....this REALLY makes a difference! I am looking forward to running with you more often!! Love you xoxoxo

  2. You are doing awesome!!

    I found a coconut water by Zico (Target carries it) that only has 60 calories for 14 ounces. It has more potassium than a banana and less calories than a banana. Rapid rehydration, in my opinion. No fat, no cholesterol, no added sugar. Check it out. :-)

    Fleet Feet has GREAT running shoes and the sales people will find a shoe that fits YOU and your gait. LOVE them.



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