Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just "beet" it

Aren't they beet-iful?
Fry time

Just as pretty in chip form

As mentioned previously, I received some beets this week in my organic produce box from Winder Farms. I have never liked beets, I am sure it has to with some traumatic beet experience from childhood. It still didn't change the fact that I had fresh organic beets in my kitchen and I need to find something to do with them. After some internet searching, I decided to make beet chips. Yes, they are fried in oil but we are not trying to eat low fat, we are trying to eat less processed food and more natural foods. The first thing I noticed when I sliced the beets was how red they were. When you cut into them red juice streams down your knife and all over the cutting board. If I had to guess, I would say it stains but fortunately I didn't have to find out. The other thing that I noticed is how beautiful sliced beets are. They have perfect concentric circles alternating between light and dark red like a mini redwood tree. We ate them sprinkled with garlic salt and all of us liked them except Jack, who said they were one of the worst things he has ever tasted. I found that the crispier they were, the less they tasted like beets. Keith actually liked the flavor of the softer ones so I am thinking that we might have one beet eater among us.

As if beet chips weren't exciting enough, I placed my first order for grass-fed beef and baby chicks (not from the same supplier). The grass-fed beef with shipping works out to about $7/pound which is still cheaper than organic ground beef at Whole Foods which retails for $9.99/pound. I chose this supplier based on their policy to put God and family first and the fact that there is no online checkout because they like to speak to their customers personally. My order was placed with Allan, the actual owner of the ranch and he is a really nice guy. We will be receiving 27 pounds of steaks and roasts and 15 pounds of ground beef. I can't wait to try it! Even more exciting is that six baby chicks will be arriving next week. We researched the breeds and decided on 3 black star and 3 Easter eggers. Both are known to be good egg producers as well as good pets. Easter eggers actually lay colored eggs such as blue, green and pink. Today I will be meeting my friends mother-in-law who raises chickens down the street for us. I can't wait to see her place, it has a lot of other animals too.

I have always wanted to live in the country but it hasn't worked out for us yet. The next best thing is to make my own "country" here. Yeehaw!


  1. You are an inspiration to us all. My traumatic childhood beet story must be worse than yours 'cause i still can't look at a beet w/o getting queasy. Do you not choose what veggies you want in your delivery? Caridad

  2. Not if you order the "box." It is filled with whatever is in season and changes each week. You know what is going to be in it before you order it but I actually like that it forces us to eat things out of our comfort zone.

  3. More fun that way!

    Cammie, what did shipping run on the beef order? I wonder if several of us combined our orders and shipped to a common location (your house) maybe we could save even more. Brian C.


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